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Company History 
Gohmann Construction, Inc. evolved out of a company started by founder Herbert Gohmann
in the early 1950's.  Gohmann began down its current path when Herb bought and constructed an
asphalt plant on Lincoln Drive in Clarksville, Indiana  in 1955.  Soon thereafter, in 1960 Herb bought
a new asphalt plant and erected it on a site still occupied by Gohmann's headquarters on
Broadway Street in Clarksville, Indiana.
Herb passed away in 1987.  However, under the direction of his sons J. Michael Gohmann, Chairman
and John R. Gohmann, Vice Chairman & CEO and daughter Annette Dezelan, Vice Chairman,
Gohmann Asphalt and Construction Inc continued to expand its operations.  Under second generation
of Gohmann leadership, Gohmann's operations expanded to include four divisions; Asphalt Paving,
Concrete Paving, Grade & Drain, and Bridge Divisions. 

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